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About Human Capital Assessments

The professionals at Human Capital Assessments have been helping business leaders evaluate and develop their talent for over two decades. Our experts serve a wide range of organizations from upstart entrepreneurs to large, publicly traded companies. Our clients also span across a number of business sectors, including manufacturing, basic industry, retail, service and distribution.

As seasoned experts, we assist organizations in taking a more strategic approach to human resources. Human Capital Assessments minimizes the risks associated with hiring and promoting and helps employees at all levels grow to their full potential through proven coaching and development programs. Our consultants have performed tens of thousands of assessments and development coaching sessions for people ranging from hourly employees to CEO’s of publicly traded companies.

Our experience has led us to focus on workplace behaviors as a better predictor of success than the personality profiles popularized in the press. We also apply our four decades of experience to one-on-one executive coaching and group change workshops. Regardless of which service our clients select, we know our success comes from the personal touch. We see to it that we have an intimate understanding of client objectives and tailor our services to each company’s unique needs and culture.

See what it takes for your organization to outperform your competitors.

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