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Why Use HCA’s Leadership Center?

Most development programs concentrate on mastering one’s external work environment. HCA’s programs focus on helping people master their internal self-environment as a way to enhance their achievement in the specific external work environment they are dealing with at this point in their careers. Simply put, we help people learn how to master their own growth on a continual basis so they are better able to handle the challenges that come their way not only now, but in the future.

The main purpose of HCA Leadership Center is to help people grow and develop their skills and abilities to the fullest extent. The HCA Leadership Center contributes to individual growth, enrichment, and development by providing participants with a comprehensive personal experience. The Center offers participants the opportunity to take stock of where they are in their careers and in their work and to examine their strengths and weaknesses. It provides insight, awareness, and understanding of a person’s work style and how they can enrich themselves, their performance and career satisfaction.

Using self-discovery development modules, coaching and feedback sessions with staff psychologist and action planning exercises, participants experience a very positive and rewarding program to help them be more successful in their jobs and happier in their work.

Leadership is maximizing people’s personal and professional potential.

The Leadership Center staff works personally with individuals who want to maximize their success and increase their job satisfaction. We help people create more value for their organization, but equally important, we help people increase their personal satisfaction.

Here is what participant’s can expect from their participation in HCA’s Leadership Center:

  • Focus on practical development plans by building specific action steps
  • Create coaching and supportive relationships with our highly qualified professional Center staff to help achieve developmental goals
  • Learn practical strategies to build on one’s strengths and minimize developmental areas from derailing one’s career goals
  • Participate in innovative learning modules to build skills for success
  • Maximize personal and professional growth potential
  • Enhance job and career satisfaction