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Why use Leadership Coaching?

Leadership coaching is an interactive and personal process, involving face-to-face sessions with an experienced Human Capital Assessments coach. Our approach provides participants with an in-depth assessment of their leadership skills. Leaders benefit from a concrete plan that is focused on sustaining strengths and addressing liabilities.

The experts of Human Capital Assessments have been developing business leaders for more than two decades. Our executive coaching services are based on sophisticated assessment techniques targeted to the unique needs of each client organization. Many people call themselves business coaches, but cannot apply the psychological tools and proven methodologies that we can as organizational psychologists. As a result, we are better able to pinpoint the strenghts and weaknesses of an individual’s behavior and apply appropriate development techniques.

Leadership has to be developed, one leader at a time.

Individuals who answer the call of leadership require many skills to be successful. Our expert business coaching programs:

  • Prepare key individuals for additional responsibilities and future promotions
  • Focus on realistic action steps directly tied to achieving strategic business goals
  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of emerging leaders and executives
  • Reduce the risk of promoting the wrong individuals into key positions

One-on-one Coaching for the Emerging Leader

Our Developing Leader program addresses the developmental needs of individuals facing new managerial challenges and opportunities. In a series of one-on-one sessions, we use a variety of tools to assess individual operating styles and leadership practices. These tools may include a written work style assessment, a developmental action plan, behavior simulations, structured exercises, and feedback from other people. Often we hold three-way discussions with the participant and his or her mentor as a way to link results to corporate goals.

One-on-One Coaching for the Executive

Designed for senior-level employees, Leadership Pathways is an individualized coaching program that uses an integrated, whole-person approach to professional growth. This program is an intensive, one-on-one exploration of the individual’s core strengths and developmental opportunities. It guides the individual in identifying core values, exploring career options, preparing for new challenges, and setting a developmental course toward integrating work and life issues with leadership excellence.

Consider this…

As global competition forces companies to operate with less margin for error, leadership has become a key difference between companies that succeed and those that don’t. Jim Collins, in his book, Good to Great, covers a five-year study that shows the difference between great and merely good companies is their investment in human capital. Other studies show a similar impact on shareholder value. The simple truth is that emerging and experienced executives lead better when they understand their strengths and potential blind spots.