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Why Use Leadership Development?

The strength of the leadership team is a company’s competitive advantage. Studies have shown time and again that organizations that offer strong training as well as growth opportunities for their employees tend to have highly committed workers with low turnover. Conversely, turnover tends to occur at three times the normal rate when companies offer limited training and modest opportunities for growth and development.

To protect their investment, companies need effective strategies for developing their human capital. Through our various development programs targeted to the unique needs of each client organization, we are able to help companies create high-performance cultures.

Leadership is the core of a winning corporate culture.

Building a winning corporate culture does not come from simply reading the latest book on management or attending an inspirational seminar. Developing an involved, effective, highly committed leadership team requires planning, commitment, and a variety of interventions and strategies that:

  • Build continued confidence for leadership challenges
  • Improve skills in leading people
  • Help managers become more aware of their impact on others
  • Increase the motivation and ability to set and achieve organizational and personal goals
  • Stimulate continuing personal and career growth through self-directed development
  • Unleash the synergy of a leadership team

How does Leadership Development work?

The first step is to help participants become aware of their strengths as well as areas needing improvement. This is accomplished using proven assessment tools as well as feedback from people representing a variety of perspectives within the organization. Experiential learning is woven into the leadership development process so that participants can practice newly acquired leadership skills. Our practical approach enables leaders to apply what they are learning to real work situations. Similarly, participants are taught to create their own action plans to ensure continued growth and development.

Human Capital Assessments’ team-focused approach enables companies to build leadership as a strategic advantage. First, we help identify which characteristics of leadership support the organization’s strategic objectives. Next, we apply scientific assessment tools and the experience of seasoned psychologists to clearly define the changes needed. Then, we personally coach executives in a group setting and teach them how to build and sustain competitive cultures. The result: companies that are able to manage change and create opportunities for long-term growth.

Group Based Development and Coaching

This group session helps participants explore the power of purpose, expand their awareness of core values, and discover how they can draw upon their own strengths to enhance their leadership effectiveness. The Leadership Development Program provides the tools for personal and professional growth integrated with achieving organizational goals.

Team-Building / Culture-Change Workshop

The Team Dynamics program develops winning teams by addressing the strengths and specific needs of each individual team member as well as the team as a whole. Participants pool their talent assets, develop their individual leadership capabilities, and work together in taking the organization to new levels of performance.

Consider this…

In today’s business climate, raising the capability of the decision-making team is the ultimate competitive advantage. Conversely, companies that fail to build winning corporate cultures are leaving their future to chance. That’s why forward-thinking companies maintain a constant focus on leadership skills development and engage outside experts like Human Capital Assessments. Our programs develop the leadership practices needed to create winning corporate cultures.